Send Us Your Pictures on Monday Morning

March 23, 2012

60 hours.

That’s how long (as of this writing) until our first China broadcast. This is the culmination of a long process that the Lord put it in motion nine years ago when Josh (our oldest son) went to China to teach English. One thing led to another and then to another, and in the sovereignty of God who knew about this all along, here we are.

The first program is done.
It will air in China at 7 PM on Monday, March 26.
That’s 7/6/5/4 AM in the US depending on where you are.

We’re fully expecting 1000 people (and many more than 1000, to be truthful) to join us in a worldwide prayer meeting at the very hour the broadcast airs in China.

We have posted the audio of the first broadcast. You can also read the English version of the message called Where Grace and Wrath Meet.

Earlier today we received this note from Lauren Libby, president of Trans World Radio, our ministry partner:


We will be with you in prayer on Monday morning as the program launches.  Praying the Lord will multiply the ministry to China a million times over!

It’s great to partner with you and Keep Believing!

Warmly in Christ,

Lauren Libby
TWR International

And this came in from our dear friend Peter Wang in China:

Surely I will gather some strong men and women of prayer to pray for Mar 26th KBM first ever broadcast program into China.

We have been greatly encouraged by the response to the call to pray on Monday. We hope you will join us.

Pray for the TWR team as they handle all the technical details.
Pray for many people to listen to the broadcast.
Pray that God will use this new program to strengthen the Chinese church.

We do have one other request. As you pray on Monday, we hope you’ll take a picture. That’s right. Take a picture as you pray, whether you are alone or praying with others. Send it to We’d like to post as many pictures as possible on the KBM website and on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s make this a global prayer party!

As of today, we have received over $160,000 toward the $300,000 we need to cover the first two years of the broadcast. We’re amazed at how God has called so many people to become co-laborers with us.

Bottom line . . .

60 hours.
Let’s pray.
Send us your pictures.

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