Seeking Help for the KBM Logo

June 16, 2006

At the KBM board retreat two weeks ago, we discussed the need for a logo that could be used on our website and on all of our printed material. Here is a quote taken verbatim from the minutes of the retreat:

KBM LOGO: By general consensus, it was determined that Ray would issue a general appeal via the “blog” asking readers to submit ideas for the KBM logo. The sentiment, at present, is to develop a logo that would look like an “icon” that would be used on a computer “desktop” and that would be used on all publications such as letterhead, business cards, brochure, etc. The logo should use the letters “K-B-M”.

Peter Faulkner came up with some clarifying thoughts:

As for the logo, I’m wondering if there is some value in using the letters of K-B-M in the icon in lower case letters rather than capitalized. I know I’m taking some artistic license here, but I’m beginning to visualize a “peppy” symbol that makes the use of the lower case letters a little more attractive to the casual eye. So, when you throw out the invitation for people to submit ideas, you may want to mention that the use of the letters is “open season”. Be creative, Be poignant, Be zesty, etc. Something to catch the eye and convey the idea of computer desktop savvy.

So there it is. Keep Believing Ministries seeks your help in designing a logo that looks like a computer icon with the letters KBM inside or outside or somehow related. We want the logo to look like a computer icon because KBM is an Internet-based ministry. Our board is scattered around the country, Marlene and I are in Tupelo, MS, our mailing address is in Elmhurst, IL, our support comes from many places, and our first project will involve China. The Internet joins us together in the vision God has given us.
Therefore we welcome suggestions, drawings and any other ideas that will help us develop the right logo for this new ministry. If we get enough versions, I will post the best ones on the weblog for further comment. Entries are welcome from anyone, anywhere, of any age from children through senior adults. You can send them via email to

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