If God Is Sovereign, What Then?

Our problems with the sovereignty of God start when sovereignty becomes personal. We will never understand this doctrine until we remember that we live in a fallen, that evil is personal, that we must start with God, and that God has bought us with the blood of his Son.

Text: Psalm 103:19-22
Sermon Series: Absolute Praise (Psalm 103)

What God Remembers That We Forget

If you’re wondering what God thinks about you, let’s take a journey through Psalm 103 and discover seven liberating truths about God’s heart. These verses reveal that he shows mercy to those who don’t deserve it, he remembers that we are dust, and he links us with eternity by linking us with himself.

Text: Psalm 103:6-18
Sermon Series: Absolute Praise (Psalm 103)

The Blessed Benefits

Many of us need to give God a “one-minute praising” for all his blessings. We’re sure good at telling the Lord what we want him to do for us. We need a good dose of Psalm 103 to wash out that complaining spirit and replace it with a heart of gratitude to the Lord.

Text: Psalm 103:1-5
Sermon Series: Absolute Praise (Psalm 103)

Be Still and Know

Why did the deadly cyclone hit Myanmar and the earthquake devastate the Sichuan Province in China? Our first response to questions like that is critical. Psalm 46:10 teaches us to be silent, and in our silence we will know God in the midst of great tragedy.

Text: Psalm 46:10
Sermon Series: God of All Comfort

Arrows From Heaven

Ray: Here’s a scene from our house, circa 1989. It was 10 P.M. and Joshua and Mark had just returned […]

Sermon Series: Couples Conference 2007

Sense and Nonsense About God’s Will

“What Happened, Lord?” It’s a common question, isn’t it? You set out to get a new job, you work hard […]

Sermon Series: Knowing God's Will

Do Not Take Your Holy Spirit From Me!

The best way not to lose the Holy Spirit in our midst is to watch and pray that it might not happen. Take nothing for granted.

Text: Psalms 51:11
Sermon Series: Experiencing God Today: Six Sermons on the Holy Spirit

Staying Pure in an X-Rated World

(This particular sermon was a “tag team” effort where I preached the first part, and Pastor Bob Boerman preached the […]

Text: Various
Sermon Series: God Speaks Today

The Positive Power of Forgiveness: “I Believe in the Forgiveness of Sins”

If you know a bit about church history, you know that before Martin Luther became the father of the Protestant […]

Text: Psalm 130:3-4
Sermon Series: The Apostles’ Creed

You Can Stumble But You Won’t Fall

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD, and He delights in his way. Though he fall, […]

Text: Psalm 37:23-24
Sermon Series: New Year’s Day Messages