Christ and the Seasons of Life

If Christ is magnified in us this year, we will not have lived in vain.

Text: John 3:30
Sermon Series: John the Baptist

Good News for Hopeless Sinners (That Includes You and Me!)  

There’s enough gospel in John 3:17 to save the whole world. It’s the verse that explains why John 3:16 is true.

Text: John 3:17

What is the Difference Between a Real Christian and a Religious Person?

Being religious is not the same as being a real Christian. Jesus said even the best among us must be born again. A religious person has religion; a Christian has been born again through personal faith in Jesus Christ. It’ as simple as that. Religion is good but Jesus is better.

Text: John 3
Sermon Series: Crucial Questions

The Wind Blows Wherever It Wills

The Holy Spirit brings us continually into a deeper, more profound experience of who God is. He brings more of God to us as we bring more of us to him.

Text: John 3:8
Sermon Series: Experiencing God Today: Six Sermons on the Holy Spirit

Real Christian vs. Religious

This is the first sermon based on the questions submitted by the congregation last spring. I don’t know who wrote […]

Text: John 3
Sermon Series: Sermons I Always Wanted To Hear

How Are You Fixed For Friends?

The most popular TV show in America is set in a bar in Boston. The name of the TV series […]

Text: John 3:33-34
Sermon Series: Wholly Living