Lesson 7: God’s Graffiti (Daniel 5)

Check out the fascinating story of the handwriting on the wall.

Text: Daniel 5
Sermon Series: Book of Daniel Online Course

America, the Handwriting is on the Wall

Judgment always begins in the house of God. If the handwriting is on the wall, we must read it first. The revival we need must start “in here” and not “out there.”

Sermon Series: Critical Issues

God’s Graffiti

Babylon became great because of the sovereign blessing of God. In their greatness they forgot about God and began to take him for granted. God judged them and they were no longer a great nation. In the end God judges that nations who forget him, and that judgment often comes at the hands of another nation God raises up for that very purpose.

Text: Daniel 5
Sermon Series: Daniel: Courageous Living in Turbulent Times