You Have a Way Out: God’s Answer to Temptation

Pick up your armor and get back in the battle.

Sermon Series: Big Promises

Forward-Leaning Defense

<font=comic sans ms>“There is no victory at bargain basement prices.” General Dwight Eisenhower</font size> “World War IV began in a […]

Sermon Series: Asymmetric Spiritual Warfare

Faithful to the Tempted

We begin with two quotations. The first comes from British playwright Oscar Wilde who said, “I can resist anything except […]

Text: I Corinthians 10:13; Genesis 39
Sermon Series: The God You Can Trust

Living in the Light of God’s Glory

With this sermon we are almost to the end of our series on God’s attributes. In fact, this is the […]

Text: 1 Corinthians 10:31
Sermon Series: Our Awesome God