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November 15, 2007

We just wrapped our final major trip of the year. This one took us from Tupelo to Chicago to Westboro, WI to Chicago to Montreal to Chicago and back to Tupelo. Here are some key resources we came across on our trip.

God’s WorkshopOn our last day in Montreal we met Pastor Joseph Hovsepian, pastor of Temple Baptist Church. He has written fine, easy-to-read book of devotions called God’s Workshop. In a series of short meditations, Pastor Hovsepian shows how God uses everything that happens to us–the mundane and the surprising, good times and hard times, sickness and health, and the deepest longings of the heart to make us like Jesus.

Tyndale Publishers has just released a brand-new book for teenage girls entitled One-Year Designer Genes Devos by Ann-Margaret Hovsepian. Here you will practical help about such matters as appearance, dating, choosing the right friends, ant the importance of inner beauty. Although they may across as confident in the way they talk and dress and how they handle relationships (especially with boys), most girls struggle with the issues addressed in this book. The publisher did a great job of packaging the book so that it appeals to its target audience–pre-teen through teenage girls.

Matt HofflandDuring the Pastors’ Conference at Camp Forest Springs in Wisconsin, we were treated to the music of Matt Hoffland, one of the most gifted worship leaders around today. He blends joyful laughter and heartfelt worship. If you need someone to do a concert or to lead worship for a special event, be sure and check out Matt Hoffland.

Reconciliation Chorale

During the Montreal conference, we enjoyed the multicultural music of the Chorale of Reconciliation. Led by Medad Ernest, the chorale is passionate to bring the Gospel message of reconciliation between God and man and healing our broken relationships in every area of life. They do it with explosive and energetic music, ranging from African American gospel music, to contemporary praise, to contemplative worship. Much of their music has a distinctive Caribbean flare. They had us on our feet every time they led music at Missions en Fete. Last December they helped lead worship at Urbana 06.

Crossway Books has just released John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace. Newton is well-known as the author of Amazing Grace, perhaps the most famous hymn in the world today. We sing it over and over again because it tells something about our own journey from earth to heaven–and it’s all by amazing grace. Besides being the author of many poems that became hymns, Newton befriended William Wilburforce, the man who led the crusade against slavery in the British Empire. I am finding the book an easy read and very inspiring. Author Jonathan Aitken recreates the world 18th-century England with uncanny accuracy. Not long before his death John Newton shared this testimony with a friend. “My memory is nearly gone, but I remember two things: That I am a great sinner and that Christ is a great Savior.”

Check out Hairy and Company featuring John and Diane Windle, puppeteers extraordinaire. They captivate children and adults alike with their trunk full of friends such as Hairy, Snozzle, Emit, and Dudley.

I met the pastors of these two churches during our trip to Montreal:

South Shore International Baptist Church

Temple Baptist Church

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