Quick Notes

June 26, 2006

Mark comes home from China in three days. What a happy day that will be.
A few days ago I wrote an entry called Between Trapezes. Today I received an email from Gail Blanke who has a website and a book called Between Trapezes. She sums up her message up this way:

The mission of my book is to enable people to know that the “in between” times are good, not bad..that that’s where we discover who we are now, what we’re passionate about now, what we stand for now – and that these moments should be savored, cherished and honored.

I agree 100% and each day we’re learning a little bit more about the reality of living between trapezes.
I just received a copy of Heaven on Earth, a study of how Jonathan Edwards can help us live on earth in the light of heaven.
Bike riding update: 986 miles YTD. God willing, I’ll go over the 1000 mile mark tomorrow.
Josh and Leah get married in 26 days.
I actually meant to write on “Basset Hound Theology,” and I had it mostly written until I goofed up and lost the whole entry. Dudley has been teaching me some things about my relationship with God, and I want to write it down before I forget. Maybe tomorrow …

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