Quick Notes from Camp Wonderland

March 14, 2006

Odds and Ends …
1) My picture showed up on a friend’s weblog. Scroll down to see if you agree with comparison. I think this is some guy on American Idol. I’ll like it better if he wins the whole thing.
2) I’m writing this note from Camp Wonderland in southern Wisconsin. I’ve here as the Bible teacher for the Christian Camping and Conference Association Wisconsin sectional meeting. When we left Tupelo on Sunday, the temperature was almost 80 degrees. So naturally we didn’t bring our winter coats. And of course it’s a lot colder in Wisconsin. So I’ve been running from place to place as fast as I can.
It’s fun being with the camping folks because they are a wild and crazy bunch. By definition they are full of energy, multi-talented, extremely creative, and very friendly. I think there are about 25 different camps represented at the conference. I’ve met quite a few people who have connections either to Oak Park or to Calvary. Since this is a conference for camping professionals, they have seminars on things like “Mold and Mildew Management,” “Effective Lock Maintenance,” along with the latest tips on food preparation, donor relations, and relevant legal issues (an increasingly important area). I have enjoyed spending time with Pat and Karen Petkau from Camp Forest Springs. Karen encouraged me to come to the 10 PM “Finger Rocket” party at the gym, but I decided it would be safer to update my weblog instead.
3) Brian Bill of Pontiac (IL) Bible Church has just started a new series on Romans. His first sermon is A Call to Obedience.
4) Be sure to check out the Comments section on this weblog. Always glad to receive. Your comments, insights, corrections, additions, and anything else you want to add are always welcome.

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