Quarantine Teaching at the Bible Institute

September 18, 2020

This week I traveled to Pottersville, New York, to teach Galatians to 200 eager students at Word of Life Bible Institute. Because of the pandemic, I had to alter some of my usual teaching methods.

This contraption on my face is called a Clear Mask. It was developed to help surgeons communicate with deaf patients. I’m using it this week because of New York State quarantine regulations. Kansas is one of 31 states on their quarantine list. They normally require a 14-day quarantine, but since I am listed as a “essential worker,“ I don’t have to stay 14 days. I had to fill out a form when I landed in Albany, then I had to get a COVID-19 test, and I have been teaching each day wearing this mask.

Here’s a socially-distanced picture of me with the first-year students. It’s fun teaching them the book of Galatians because they are eager to learn God’s Word.

This morning I wrap my class on Galatians. I have enjoyed my time with the students at the Bible Institute. In the first class, I told them that Galatians is a “dangerous” book because it emphasizes God’s grace and Christian freedom. I also told them that Martin Luther loved Galatians. We have learned to love it too.


If you’d like to take my Galatians course, you can sign up for a free online video version offered by Word of Life. You can “Learn the Word” at your own pace. Enjoy!

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