Peanut Brittle for Dessert

January 6, 2006

3:45 PM Our final Christmas present arrived today, and it was a happy surprise. Wayne Watkins sent us a big tin of his incomparable, delectable, totally awesome, homemade peanut brittle. I never even liked peanut brittle until Wayne started giving us some of his about ten years ago. Now I’m addicted, but only to Wayne’s special blend. That’s our dessert tonight.
3:42 PM An atheist in Italy has filed a lawsuit to prove that Jesus never existed. Sorry, pal, you lost that one 2000 years ago.
3:40 PM Snow in Mississippi! It doesn’t happen often, but it happened this morning. Not very much, just a few flakes (they call it “wintry mix”), nothing like Chicago, but it was real snow, just not very much of it.
11:58 AM A big Friday shout out to Gregory Tayi in Kigali, Rwanda, Megan Kropp, Linda Hale in Tupelo, MS, Bill and Judy Shaffer, Paul and Phyllis Lavenau, Daniel and Cherise Ward, Rich Hood in the Czech Republic, my buddy Don Lough, Jr. in Schroon Lake, Brett and Alice Blessen, Gary and Kim Gromacki in Clarks Summit, PA, Shaun Pierce in Pittsburgh, PA, Vijay George in Flint, MI, George Cano, Kim Bosgraf, Alan House in Austin, TX, Pastor Larry Foster in Cartersville, GA, Gail Padilla, Gerry Bembenick, Marguerite Travis, Melanie York, Dusty Tartachny, Al and Faye Moy, Pat Lloyd, Dave Justice of Allentown, PA and Steve Yescheck in Crystal Lake, IL.

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