Pastors and Wives Meet in Brunswick, Maine

May 4, 2011

We enjoyed being with these great servants of God.

On Tuesday a group of pastors and wives met in Brunswick, Maine for a day of fellowship and encouragement. Each year the Mid-Maine Pastors Conference sponsors a get-together at a local hotel. When Pastor Mark Rockwood of Berean Baptist Church in Brunswick heard that we were going to be speaking in New Brunswick, he asked if we could stay over to speak at the conference. (If you don’t know your geography, it can be confusing. New Brunswick is a province in Canada and Brunswick is a city in Maine. They are about five hours apart by car.)

It turned out to be a great occasion. We enjoy doing whatever we can to encourage pastors and their wives. On Tuesday they came from churches in nearby Portland and from towns and villages on the Maine seacoast. It was fun to make new friends and to discover that a number of them had already discovered the KBM website. 

I spoke three times on “Lessons Learned Along the Way,” “How to Survive Your Critics,” and “Angry Man Alert.” Marlene led a session with the wives on “The God Who Sees.” When we were finished, one of the pastors said, “There’s a reason you came when you did. We needed to hear these messages right now.”

I’m grateful to Mark Rockwood for his leadership in putting together such a successful conference. We love Maine and thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Brunswick. 

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