Our Radio Lineup for Wednesday and Thursday

May 1, 2013

Hear Michael Card on Wednesday, Erwin Lutzer on Thursday on AFR.

Here’s the radio lineup for Today’s Issues on American Family Radio for Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll be co-hosting with Tim Wildmon both days. By the way, he does the broadcast from the studio in Tupelo, and I do my part from our studio in our upstairs guest bedroom in Dallas. Through the miracle of the Internet, the signal meshes perfectly between Tupelo, Dallas, and wherever our guests happen to be.

The show airs from 10-11:30 AM CDT. Click on this link to listen online. 

Wednesday, May 1

10:15 Michael Card discusses his book A Violent Grace.

10:30 Joshua Waller explains the ministry of Zion’s Sake Tours.

11:05 Bill Federer explores the role of Miracles in American History.

Thursday, May 2

10:15 Troy Schmidt on The American Bible Challenge: A Daily Reader.

10:30 Lara Williams on a wife’s decision To Walk or Stay.

11:05 Erwin Lutzer discusses The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent.

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