Notes to the Keep Believing Family

post date: October 13, 2008

*Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends. I don’t want to forget that since we’ll be traveling to Prince Edward Island on Wednesday.

*Speaking of things not to forget, Marlene has already put our passports on the dining room table so we won’t forget them this time like we did during our trip to Montreal last November.

*Here’s the homepage of the Ferris-Duncan Sunday School class at Harrisburg Baptist Church. We’re part of this class every time we’re in town. We have lots of friends in the class who pray for us as we travel from place to place.

*Today’s sermon email went out to 5050 people. That’s the first time we’ve cracked the 5000 mark. 

*This afternoon I received a note from a pastor in the Philippines who is currently preaching the Survivor Babylon series from Jeremiah 29 to his congregation. This is part of what he wrote:

Most of the sermons i preached are adaptations from your messages.  i preach them in Filipino.  you may not know it but God is glorified in the Philippine churches because of your sermons.  thank you. one of my prayers is to meet you personally.  Our God bless you.

*This comment from a podcast listener in the United Kingdom cheered me up:

Greetings beloved brother in Christ from the UK.  am so glad to have met you and your wife in your ministry-I have been abundantly blessed by Elijah 1 and 2 which I listened to in reverse order and funnily enough, I’m sure you’ll be amused to know, it made no difference- I have been truly enriched, blessed and encouraged. 

 As a matter of fact, it did make me chuckle. I’m glad the messages made sense even in reverse order.

*Finally, this came from a missionary in Europe:

Thank you for this message. It is very fitting for me and my wife in our young marriage. May God continue to bless you and Marlene in your ministry. It is great to be able to read your messages from wherever we are in the world! God bless.

We’re glad to hear from friends in many places around the world as God builds the Keep Believing family. It hit me today that we’re not a typical ministry in the sense of being a large organization. We’re a family, widely separated, diverse in background, yet we come to this website drawn by one common mission—to encourage each other and people everywhere to keep believing in Jesus. Everything we do—the weblog, the sermons, the articles, the podcasts, the traveling, the teaching, the conferences, the writing, the Book Depot, the emails, the home meetings, and the things we hope to do soon such as video, interactive Q&A, Keep Believing China, and much more—all goes back to that one concept. We’re a family, a community of believers, united to help each other and people everywhere to keep believing in Jesus.


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