Next Stop: Whiting, New Jersey

May 22, 2009

This morning we are on the road again. We’re on our way to New Jersey, more specifically to Whiting, New Jersey, about an hour east of Philadelphia, a few miles west of Toms River. We’re heading that direction for the Memorial Weekend conference at America’s Keswick, a beautiful and historic Bible conference center that is celebrating 85 years of ministry in 2009.

People sometimes wonder about the connections that lead us to various places. Several years ago I spoke at NewSong Fellowship Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where I met Pastor Jamie Mitchell who knew about me from our days in Oak Park and through the website. While in Lancaster we struck up a friendship with Jamie and his wife Kris. When I spoke at Lancaster Bible College a few month later, Jamie introduced me to Bill Welte, president of America’s Keswick. From that came an invitation for both of us (Jamie and me) to share the speaking duties at the conference this weekend.

This is our first time to America’s Keswick, but because we have spent so much time in the Northeast, I expect we’ll run into some folks we’ve met before. And we’re looking forward to making many new friends. I am glad to have a chance to hear Jamie preach because he’s a powerful Bible expositor. Plus it’s a happy thing not to be carrying the full speaking load myself. 

So we’re on our way north from Tupelo to spend the weekend in New Jersey. We wish all of you a very happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. And may God bless all the men and women serving in the U.S. Armed Forces around the world. 

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