post date: July 11, 2006
Guest blog by Peter R. Faulkner, Director of North American Ministries, the Mailbox Club, Valdosta, GA
As a friend of Ray Pritchard for 34 years and a Board Member of Keep Believing Ministries, I am excited with the prospects about what the Lord can do through this ministry. To sense Ray’s keen desire to be of help to all believers and encourage them in their faith … to keep believing … is contagious.
Ray is "Type-A" all-the-way and keeps his creative juices flowing. He creates a sense of mystery that keeps you coming back for that next engaging pursuit he is chasing.
His sensitivity to those without Christ is clear, seeking not to offend those who differ with him, but to acquaint them with the Way, the Truth, and the Life in Jesus Christ, our Lord. If any thing or One offends, it is the Truth and that is God’s business. Ray is faithful to the Word of God and is gifted in making difficult subjects easy to understand. He’s gifted in addressing hot-button topics in a non-threatening, yet direct, way. There’s no doubt what he means by what he says or does and if you differ with him, you still like him anyway. One learns more of God when they leave the presence of Ray.
Lest this sounds a bit cultic, it is not. It is refreshing to be around one who is humble, yet draws you into his world through his transparent and honest style. He lets his warts and scars be seen and doesn’t allow them to stand in the way of his delight to "preach the Word". Anyone’s work is to be all about God and that is one trait that impresses me about Ray. He is all about God. Otherwise, why would he be offered so many opportunities to pour God’s Word into so many of the hearts of God’s saints all around? (Check his travel page.)
I offered to Ray that I would make an appeal to secure someone who will design the new logo of Keep Believing Ministries. I will make that offer in my next entry. In the meantime, start thinking about what kind of simple and zesty image would catch your eye as you look at the screen on your computer. It would be an image that would stand out above all of the other little icons gathered there. That’s what we’re after. Use the letters K-B-M. We intend to use the logo on all official literature published by KBM - stationery, brochures, websites, CDs, books, etc.
Entries may be submitted to ……
To all of us, let us pray earnestly for Ray and Marlene and thank God for willing servants who are yielding their hearts, minds and skills to strengthen our souls and to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ. They are worthy of our ministry of intercession. Take them routinely to the throne of grace, leave them with God and wait to see the shape God fashions them to be. It just might be that we won’t recognize them in a few years. We will only be able to look back and say, "To God be the glory, great things HE hath done!"
God bless you.


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