My First Podcast

April 12, 2006

This morning I recorded my first podcast with Stacy Lynn Harp, the president of Active Christian Media in Orange, CA. For those who don’t know, podcasting is the latest technological innovation that allows anyone to become an Internet broadcaster. The neat thing about podcasting is that it is really “media on demand.” During the interview we discussed my book Credo and the importance of the Apostles’ Creed. You can listen to the Podcast in part 1 and part 2.
Stacy is an major Christian voice on the Internet. She runs the Persecution blog with updates from the persecuted church around the world and a blog called Mind and Media.
Podcasting is a lot more relaxed than a radio interview. For one thing, there are no commercial breaks and there is no time pressure, which makes it more like a normal conversation. At one point someone called our cell phone and you could hear it playing “Sweet Home Alabama” (my ringtone) in the background. Stacy just laughed and on we went. We had a great discussion of the importance of knowing what we believe about Jesus. If you’re wondering about the phrase “He descended into hell,” check out part 2 because we discussed it at length.

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