More Good News From China

September 7, 2006

Anthony Bollback has just posted the September edition of China Clippings. As always, the news from the Middle Kingdom is a mixed bag. Along with open doors, repression seems to be on the increase. (See Behind China’s Big Chill for details.) But here’s some good news about reaching Chinese students who have come to America to puruse advanced degrees:

Writing in The Pander Bearer of Good News, Glen Osborn, President of China Outreach Ministries, shared an astounding possibility. A speaker at their Staff Conference encouraged them to believe that they were engaged in a most influential ministry of working with China’s cream-of-the crop scholars studying for advanced degrees in American universities.
He wrote, “How is it possible to change a whole nation of 1.3 billion people? The answer is ‘one person at a time’ – and in China’s case it is one key influential person at a time. Just imagine, “he continued in his editorial comments, “the impact of a Chinese MBA student at Harvard or some other top school, coming to Christ while in America, and returning to China to lead a business and influence business practices as a CEO utilizing Biblical principles. Or a top medical professional influencing the doctors they are training, or a lawyer bringing change in the legal system, or a key professor at a major university influencing students, or even government officials impacting policy decisions based on Christian faith.
“We don’t just have to imagine these things,” reported Osborn., “They are happening today! More and more top Chinese intellectuals are returning to China as Christians, and they are influencing others for Christ and His Kingdom.”

I also noted this astounding bit of information:

There are more Christians in China today than there are Communist Party members! Furthermore, of deeper concern to the government is the fact that it is reported that as many as 25% of government officials may be practicing Christians who object to the government telling them they must not be Christians! Steps have been taken by the government to warn such people that their beliefs will not be tolerated. David Aikman suggests in “Jesus In Beijing” that at the present rate of conversions among the people in China, it is possible that 30% of the population could be Christians within the next 25 years! With an estimated 80-100 million Christians in China today, the country is well on its way to becoming the most populous Christian nation in the world!

Wouldn’t it be an amazing turn of events if China became the hub of a vast worldwide missionary movement in the 21st-century? That’s what the Back to Jerusalem movement is all about.

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