Marriage Protection Week

October 12, 2003

MARRIAGE PROTECTION WEEK by Ray Pritchard You may not have heard the news until now, but I am happy to report that President Bush has designated October 12-18 as “Marriage Protection Week” in America. The official proclamation begins with these words: “Marriage is a sacred institution, and its protection is essential to the continued strength of our society. Marriage Protection Week provides an opportunity to focus our efforts on preserving the sanctity of marriage and on building strong and healthy marriages in America. “Marriage is a union between a man and a woman, and my Administration is working to support the institution of marriage by helping couples build successful marriages and be good parents.” Please note the clear definition of marriage as a “union between a man and a woman.” In earlier times it would not have been thought necessary to add that clarifying phrase because there was a general consensus that marriage is one man and one woman joined in a solemn public commitment meant to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, every part of that definition is under attack today. Radical homosexual activists have succeeded in making homosexual “marriage” seem almost normal. Canada seems on the verge of legalizing some form of “gay marriage,” and in the US, the same thing may soon happen in Vermont or Massachusetts or Hawaii. One recent poll shows Americans evenly split on the question. While the percentage of support may be in question, the undeniable fact remains that long-held beliefs about marriage are rapidly changing, and we may yet see some form of “gay marriage” in the United States. Regardless of what the Supreme Court says or what Congress may or may not do, and regardless of what the radicals push through, there is no such thing as “gay marriage.” It does not exist and can never exist, and we should not recognize it or support it in any way, shape or form. God has ordained by the very biology of the human race that marriage is meant to be one man with one woman. That’s why he created Eve and brought her to Adam in the Garden of Eden. As the Divine Matchmaker, God showed us what marriage is meant to be. In the true and deepest sense, “gay marriage” is an oxymoron–it is a fundamental contradiction in terms. You cannot sustain the human race through two men or two women. It must be one man and one woman. Everything else is a deviation from what God ordained. Much more needs to be said, and much more will be said in the days to come. The debate will no doubt be long and hard and sometimes rancorous. So be it. The foundations of our culture are at stake, and we dare not keep silent. Let us be clear about what the Bible says, and let us not flinch from speaking the truth. There is no such thing as “gay marriage,” and nothing that happens around us can change that eternal truth.

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