Mark Comes Home

June 29, 2006

It took Mark a little over three days to make it home from China so by the time he arrived at the Birmingham Airport a few minutes before 9 AM, he was pretty tired. He had flown with his team from Beijing to Los Angeles where he and the others who are returning to China for a second year spent a day doing their initial orientation. Last night he flew from LA to Charlotte, NC, and after a two-hour layover, on to Birmingham. We left the cabin about 6 AM, drove to Birmingham, picked up Nick, and then went to the airport to meet Mark. After a very happy reunion, we made our way to the Waffle House for a celebratory meal. After pondering what I should say, I can report that in every way, it lived up to my expectations. No one went away hungry.
Here are a few photos from the morning:
Cropped Mark and Nick.JPG
Mark and Nick at the airport
Cropped Mom and Marrk in Airport.JPG
A Very Happy Mother
Resized Mom and Mark.JPG
Mark and Marlene
Resized Waffle House_001.JPG
Big Feast at the Waffle House

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