Lost and Found

post date: May 18, 2012

Several years ago we began a partnership with The Mailbox Club in order to reach inmates of the Chattanooga (TN) jail system. The chaplains (and ministry volunteers) give out copies of An Anchor for the Soul along with a printed invitation to take a Bible correspondence course from the Mailbox Club.

Recently one of the inmates who has found the Lord wrote this poem called “Lost and Found”:

I was once surrounded by darkness
with no hope of light.
My brightest days
became my darkest nights.

So cold inside,
feeling so alone,
there was no one there,
all hope was truly gone.

Scared to death,
my heart was filled with fear,
with a constant reminder,
that followed every tear.

I am locked up
and incarcerated with my mind
searching for the peace,
that I shall never find.

Then I heard a voice,
whispering into my ear,
“I hear your cries
and collect your tears.”

I said, “Who is there?
Can you help me, please?”
Then I bowed my head
and dropped to my knees.

I knew it was God.
He had been there all along,
waiting to help me,
and lead me home.

Then the Spirit of God filled my heart,
and a new relationship began to start.
My darkest night
became my brightest day.

I came out of the darkness
with God leading the way.

I look back on time in my past
and clearly see that God was there,
even when I treated Him so unfair.

So, I will try my best to live as right as I can,
cause God has helped me truly understand
that Satan wants to kill me
and torture my soul;
but he can only do this
if he has control.

So, Lord, I sacrifice my will and my life.
With heart and soul, I surrender the fight.
Your will, Lord, not mine.
Save me, Lord, while I still have time.

I shall see you in Heaven,
when my time has come.
Until then, Lord,
Let thy will be done.


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