Korean Version of “Why Did This Happen to Me?”

May 16, 2008

Korean Version–Why Did This Happen to Me?

Timothy Publishing House
P.O. Box 16
Seoul, Korea

If you wonder whether we know in advance about foreign language translations, the answer almost always is no. I had no idea that this Korean language edition was coming out until we received a few copies in the mail yesterday. Generally those translations are arranged by the publisher as part of the original book contract. The publisher has the right to pursue foreign language translations as he sees fit. So we’ve been happily surprised a number of times to open a package and discover that one of my books is now in French, Korean, Portuguese, Indonesian, Spanish, Dutch, etc. The obvious exception would be the Chinese translations of An Anchor for the Soul and ABCs of Wisdom, which we arranged ourselves. And we had a hand in setting up the French translation of An Anchor for the Soul. But the rest came as happy surprises to us.

I always mention the foreign language versions on the weblog because it’s one part of the global outreach of Keep Believing Ministries. I am praying that the Lord will allow us to someday have websites in various languages, offering translated sermons, articles, study guides and PDF files of books in various languages, all of it free all the time. That’s the big picture dream. It would be great to someday have websites for “Keep Believing–China,” “Keep Believing–Thailand,” “Keep Believing–Portugal,” “Keep Believing–Ghana,” and so on. Through the Internet these things are possible, all in God’s time.

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