Keith Yates, Tenth-Degree Black Belt

March 24, 2006

*The current issue of Kindred Spirit, published by Dallas Theological Seminary, has a fine article on tenth-degree black belt Keith Yates. Keith writes for various martial-arts magazines and is a leader in Chuck Norris’s Kick-Start Foundation. Keith has written over 400 articles and ten books. When I met him, he was part of the pulpit committee that called me to be the pastor of Northeast Bible Church in Garland, TX in 1983. Keith and Linda became dear friends, and Linda gave Marlene the recipe for baked potato soup that she still uses. The article notes that Keith has been teaching martial arts since 1967. Since he is about my age, that means he started teaching in high school. As I read about my old friend, I reflected that among things, it shows how much a person can accomplish if he finds something he cares deeply about and devotes himself to it for many years.
*Congratulations to Kristen Kamm for being elected Vice President of Student Government at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.
*Darrell Bock points out three major errors in the Da Vinci Code.
*Check out the new Keep Believing blogroll. So far I’ve listed 15 blogs I like to check out on a regular basis. I plan to add more in the days to come.
*We just learned that the first printing of An Anchor for the Soul in Chinese is now complete. Thanks again to everyone who prayed and contributed to make this possible. Pray that the God will use the books to open the hearts of many Chinese people to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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