KBM Logo Appeal

July 17, 2006

(Guest blog by Peter R. Faulkner, the Director of North American Ministries for The Mailbox Club, Valdosta, GA. Peter is a long-time friend of Ray and Marlene and serves on the Board of Keep Believing Ministries.)
Good Morning! I trust you had grand weekend and that you were able to spend time in God’s house on yesterday. We’ve had beautiful weather in West Virginia which added more sparkle to the Lord’s Day.
It’s time to get down to business with the KBM logo design. We are inviting any artist who has an interest in helping KBM delveop a logo to submit his / her ideas. I’m expecting this effort to make the board’s decision difficult, but it doesn’t hurt to make a board sweat every-once-in-a-while, does it?
One idea is to make the logo look like what an icon would look like on the desktop of a computer. Something with a little zest and flair. Something colorful. Something that would immediately draw your eye to it as all those little cubes on the desktop scream for your attention.
In addition, we would like for it to be obvious enough that you can tell it is an “icon” when you see it on a letterhead or brochure and that it casts the idea that this ministry is internet-driven. That this age of technology is at the heart of what makes Keep Believing Ministries tick, logistically.
Theologically, it’s the love of Jesus Christ expressed through His shed blood for our sins and those of the whole world that compels us to make all of this possible. Ray is good to get this point across in his messages (be sure to sign up for the “e-sermons” he sends out routinely).
We would like for the image to look compelling in a small size and a large size depending upon its application.
Be sure to use the letters … K B M Be imaginative and think outside the box (or, should I say, think outside the ’icon’).
There is a sea of ideas floating for Keep Believing Ministries such as mp3 downloads, podcasts, audio streaming, book distribution, e-sermons, and more. Maybe a set of headphones on the KBM letters would work!
You get the idea. These simple thoughts are just to get the creative juices flowing. Maybe you have better ideas that are totally different. Bring ’em on! We’re game!
We are looking forward to the Lord using this ministry in a dynamic way in the years ahead and want how we visually represent that ministry to be as dynamic as the effort being made to make the ministry possible.
Thank you for your interest and willingness to participate. If several people submit ideas, we’re in a difficult spot. We don’t want to say “No” to anyone. Let’s trust the Lord for what is best and see what He does in glorifying His name throughout the world in this endeavor.
Please send your ideas and / or questions to …… ray@keepbelieving.com.
God bless you!

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