Josh and Leah

March 6, 2006

Josh called us at 7:18 AM on Saturday morning with some good news. On Friday night he asked Leah Thayer to marry him, and she said yes. For the last few weeks, Josh had been talking to us about his plans. First we talked about his trip to Vermont to meet Leah’s parents. Later we talked about buying rings. A week or so ago he told us that he had found a beautiful ring and that he planned to surprise Leah by giving her the ring on Friday night. Evidently it all worked according to his plan. They had dinner together on the 95th Floor of the Hancock Tower in downtown Chicago. Then they went for a walk, in sub-freezing weather. Somewhere (I don’t know exactly where) he gave her the ring and asked her to marry him.
We’re very happy for many reasons. Leah is a wonderful girl and the answer to many prayers prayed many times over many years. On the Saturday before we moved in October, Amy Baker came by to say farewell and to tell us that she thought Josh and Leah would make a good couple. They started working together with the college age group at Calvary last summer. It was a friendship that led to a deepening relationship that now leads to marriage on July 22 in Bennington, Vermont.
Earlier today Josh wrote a note saying it had been a whirlwind weekend for the two of them. First there was Friday night. Then on Saturday they registered for their wedding gifts. They spent Saturday night with Leah’s sister and her husband. On Sunday morning Stephanie West announced their engagement during the Upper Room Service. They spent time with the college group after church and then went to a friend’s house for more celebrating.
Here are some pictures of the happy couple. Needless to say, we are happy too, and very proud, and grateful to the Lord, for he who finds a wife finds a good thing. Our oldest son has obtained favor from the Lord.

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