“I’m Not Afraid Anymore”

December 28, 2017

Recently we received a letter from a prisoner named Sarah who wrote to thank us for making An Anchor for the Soul available in the jail where she is currently incarcerated. Here is how she starts her letter:

First I would like to say God bless you soul. Amazing book “An Anchor for the Soul.” I have found God 10-30-17.

Her cellmate gave her a copy of the book and encouraged her to read it. This is what happened next:

I read the book and looked up each and every Scripture and wrote them down. Now I am reading the Bible everyday and it takes me away from where I am so everyday is beautiful here.

Speaking of her own future, she said,

I am not afraid anymore.

Then she added this PS:

I’m not afraid because I have let go and let God with the help of this book, and I know that God forgives and all our sins are paid in full if you believe.

Over the years we have given away over 800,000 copies of this little “gospel book” in partnership with evangelistic ministries across America. We don’t know which ministry put that copy of Anchor in that jail, and it doesn’t matter. God keeps track of all the details.

Thank you for your partnership with us. We do what we do because of people like you. Would you consider making a year-end gift by using our online donation page?

Because you give, we can reach more people like Sarah who need to know Jesus.

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