post date: May 27, 2012

Here’s a prisoner letter we received not long after An Anchor for the Soul was published. I happened to see it this weekend for the first time in many years. Now that we are 600,000 books down the line, I thought this letter would help you understand why we donate copies of this little “gospel book” to ministries across America. 

We just reprinted 100,000 copies of Anchor and already they are going out in many directions. 

Thank you to everyone who has given in years past and also recently to make it possible for us to help men like this prisoner. We’re also grateful to people like Charles who have a heart for those who need Jesus.

Dear Ray Pritchard,
I have some “Good News” and some “Not so Good News” that I would like to share with you. First, the “not so Good News.” This is not my first time, second time, or my fifth time, but somewhere around my tenth time that I have been locked up at the “County Jail.” Sir, I have an alcohol/drug problem that has caused me to steal to support my cocaine habit. I have been to prison three times. I was released with two years of parole. A year went by, and I again was arrested and charged with burglary. So here I am, charged with burglary, on parole for burglary, and my entire life is burglary (5 to be exact). I am sure you would say to me that I need to change “careers.” I am looking at 6 to 30 years of prison time.
Sir, today I am scared! I am afraid the courts are going to “lay me down” for a long time. It is very sad that until now I am finally realizing this.
Have you had enough of my “bad news” yet? I could go into detail of all the people I have emotionally hurt–my family, my friends, and most of all myself! I think you have had enough, and you know what, I HAVE TOO! I have had enough of this crazy insane life, due to the alcohol and drugs. My whole attitude and outlook on life must be changed.
Now the “Good News.” My cellmate, Charles, offered a book for me to read. The title of the book is An Anchor for the Soul by (none other than) Ray Pritchard. I have read it from front to back. I have heard the “knock on the door,” I have “went to the door,” and “I have finally opened it.”
I wake to a morning prayer, and end my day with prayer. During my day I practice what you have preached. I know I will be distracted by the devil, and conflicts will arise most likely when everything is going smooth.
To end my letter to you, I cannot say “Thank You” enough for sharing the knowledge and encouragement to seek God. I truly believe your book will have great impact on the rest of my life as long as I continue to “open the door” and let Christ in every day. I believe I will then never, ever have to be locked up physically or spiritually again.

He signed the letter “A grateful recovering alcohol/drug addict.” Then he added this P.S: “I have thanked you, I have thanked Jesus. I believe it is time to thank my cellmate, Charles.»


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