“I Gave Myself Hopelessly to Christ”

March 17, 2021

Recently we received a letter from a prisoner named “Andy.” He told us how he found An Anchor the Soul in the prison library. He also used a most unusual word to describe how he  made his decision: “I gave myself hopelessly to Christ.”

That’s beautiful, isn’t it? We all must do the same thing if we want to be saved: We must come “hopelessly” to Christ because there is no hope anywhere else.

Here’s part of what he wrote to us:

My entire life I have felt a void in my heart. I had no idea why. I sought every pleasure you can name but felt the same. I was unaware it was my soul crying out for help!

I had an uncontrollable rage that bursted out every time I was challenged or confronted with my behavior. I was told it was the drugs, the gambling, the bottle. Nobody understood I was using these things because of the void. They were not creating it.

The first day I was in this jail, I requested a Bible, which I had read before but understood little. So one day I was looking at the bookshelf, and I saw your book An Anchor for the Soul. As I began to read it, it spoke to me, and I wondered if it had been written for me and only for me.

I gave myself hopelessly to Christ on February 7, 2021. I asked for forgiveness, and I know he heard me. I followed the seven-day plan for growth in the book. I began to pray for everyone—friend, foe, loser, hurting. I felt an anchor lifted from my soul, to use your analogy.

I am not sure what will happen next to me, but I know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be with me every step of the way.

May God bless you and your family.

Sincerely-a follower of Christ,


I hope you’ll pray for Andy as he walks with Christ. God is building his church in prisons and jails around the world. The Word of God cannot be chained!

We continue to give away Anchors (over 800,000 copies so far) because of your support and your prayers. Your gifts make it possible to reach men and women everywhere who need the Good News of Jesus.

Thank you!



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