“I Been Married to My Biker Chick”

February 18, 2012

We received a handwritten note recently from a former outlaw biker who somehow got a copy of An Anchor for the Soul:

I read your book An Anchor for the Soul. It’s a real good beginner’s book.

I became a follower of Jesus 8-9-77. I was a full member of a outlaw motorcycle gang with a full set of colors. Of course I spent some time in jail. Most outlaw bikers do. The truth is, I enjoyed the outlaw life.

Being a Christian I don’t have to worry about the police or being shot by another outlaw gang. God called me to be a street preacher. Now that brother is a hard life of rejection and being disliked by church people who don’t like repentance and obedience preaching. I have never understood most church people. Man, do the Baptists love to fight and force their doctrine on others. 

Jesus is coming soon for his sheep. Until then Hallelujah Psalm 149:4.

Shalom and Hosanna,

Good job on the book.

I just try to live by the Bible like I believe it. It’s been a hard, lonely 34 years. The road is hard and narrow and I don’t have a computer and I been married to my biker chick for 49 1/2 years. She says I’m her man. Ain’t that a grin. 

God bless Charlie and his biker chick wife who have stayed together for all these years. May God bless them both as they serve the Lord together. 

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