How God Uses Anchor at the Cook County Jail

March 1, 2024

Recently we received a note from a chaplain serving at Cool County Jail in Chicago. After requesting more copies of An Anchor fo the Soul in English and Spanish, he shared this comment about our little “gospel book”:

“I hand out a lot of these books in both languages. It is the best tool I have,besides the Bible, to give someone a grasp on the message and meaning of the Gospel. I can think of several detainees who brought out their books to show me their answers in the “Going Deeper” section. The one person showed me a page where Pastor Ray is talking about the gift of God’s grace. He says,” Is this true?” What a conversation starter with someone who is in desperate need of the hope of forgiveness and the gift of a new life in Christ.”

Over the years we have donated over 900,000 copies of An Anchor for the Soul, most of them prison ministries across America. But we also donate copies to crisis pregnancy centers, boat ministries, military ministries, rescue missions, and to many other evangelistic ministries.

Though the night may be dark, the light of the gospel shines brighter than ever!

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Thank you for your love, your prayers, and your support, because your gifts enable us to keep donating Anchors to prison ministries across America.

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