Holy Land Pictures

October 27, 2009

On Monday night we gathered in our hotel room and everyone gave us the disks with all the pictures from the trip. The result was enormous–over 5200 pictures taken by 8 people over 10 days. I plan to cull out the duplicates and give each person a flash drive with the best pictures. Here are some favorites from our trip.

A devout Jewish man with the phylactery wrapped around his arm.
Two friends talk it over at the Western Wall.
This Druze woman made bread by cooking it on what looked like an upside down wok. Served with lebneh–strained yogurt.
Crowded passages in the Muslim Quarter of Old Jerusalem.
That’s Katie Westcomb in the foreground, Marlene in the background, Bev Barner to the left and Marvin Just to the right.
Two sets of stone lions guard the Lions’ Gate (sometimes called St. Stephens Gate) in Old Jerusalem.
Malcolm waxing eloquent amidst the ruins of Korazin.
Written prayers stuffed into the cracks between the stones at the Western Wall.
This first-century fishing boat could have been used by Jesus’ disciples.


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