“Hindrances” by J. D. Jones

post date: August 13, 2010

Notes from Chapter 7 of Paul’s Certainties by J. D. Jones. Chapter 7 contains the sermon “Hindrances” based on Galatians 5:7, “You were running a good race. Who cut in on you and kept you from obeying the truth?”

“The difference between an excuse and a hindrance is the difference between a feigned and a real obstacle.”

“The lives of professing Christians have much to answer for.”

“It is because men see us just as prone to quarrel, just as envious, just as full of backbiting and jealousy, just as wrathful and bitter, that they are repelled from the religion we profess.”

“The inconsistencies you see in so-called Christian people are there, not because they are Christians, but just because to that degree they are not Christians.”

“That others disobey is quite beside the point. The question you have to settle is, what you will do.”

“Do you suppose that after receiving sinners through the centuries, Christ is going to begin casting out now by casting out you?”

“We come to Christ, not because we are good, but just because we are not good enough. If we were good enough, we should not need Christ.”

“If your case is so desperate, then make up your mind that if die you must, you will die at the foot of Christ’s cross. But no sinner has yet died there.”

“What our Churches are suffering from just now is not too much doctrine, but too little.”

“As far as I can make out from the Gospels, all Jesus required was, that men should love Him well enough to follow Him.”

“If you love Christ enough to follow Him, to obey Him, to risk your eternity upon Him, you are a Christian.”

“Do not wait for every rough place to be made plain. Begin with the simple thing you understand. Follow Christ. Obedience will in due time lead to larger knowledge.”

“The hindrances that frighten you are really imaginary. When you face them they disappear.”


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