“Healing Power of Forgiveness” Now in Spanish

June 29, 2011

The Spanish translation of The Healing Power of Forgiveness has just been released. Here is how the publisher describes the book:

Few Christians realize nearly every problem in life stems from an unwillingness to forgive someone. When we hold grudges, seek retribution, and blame others, we end up hurting our relationships with God and people—and short–circuit our ability to live the Christian live the way it’s meant to be lived. Why is forgiveness so difficult at times? Must we forgive when it’s the other person’s fault? How should we handle repeat offenses? What if we feel we can’t forgive because we’ve been hurt so badly? Pritchard answers these questions and more by pointing to God’s example as the Supreme Forgiver. When we learn to forgive in the way He forgives, then we’ll know true freedom, peace, and emotional healing.

You can purchase the new Spanish translation from Editorial Patmos for $10.16.

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