Gulf Shores

October 19, 2006

This morning I’m writing this note from beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama. We left Tupelo yesterday about 12:30 PM with Alan, Linda Hale and Paula DeCanter, driving down Highway 43, bypassing Meridian, then cutting across a country road south of Citronelle, Alabama, catching I-65 to Mobile, then across the bay to Highway 59 and down to Gulf Shores. When we arrived, we met B.J. Lundy at the home where we are staying. Bert and Dana Duncan arrived around 11 PM. We’re here for a four-day biking vacation. At the moment we’re several hundred yards from the Gulf of Mexico. This area was devastated by Hurricane Ivan two years ago, but you can’t see any signs of it now. The sand is pure white and this morning the sky is blue, but we’re expecting thunderstorms later today. Meanwhile Alan has gone to a medical meeting of some sort and B.J. is out riding because he has to work later today. A few feet away Bert is trying to help Linda get on the Internet, and Paula, Marlene and Dana are drinking coffee and chatting and laughing.
The roads here are all flat so you can ride for hours. It’s a twenty mile ride to the Florida border, flat and straight, so there and back may be our goal this morning. Gulf Shores is extremely popular during the summer but at the moment, it’s not very crowded.

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