Green and Greener

May 11, 2006

We drove all the way back from Chicago to our cabin in the woods in exactly 12 hours. Leaving Oak Park at 6:30 AM, we zipped down I-57, stopping for lunch at Lambert’s Cafe in Sikeston, MO, home of “throwed rolls”. Several years ago the Food Network voted Lambert’s one of the top ten home cooking restaurants in America. It’s definitely worth a stop because it is impossible to go away hungry. And they do quite literally throw the hot yeast rolls across the restaurant. You either catch them with your hands or they bounce off the table or maybe off your shirt. Plus they offer all the fried okra you can eat. How can you beat that?
As we neared Tupelo Marlene commented that in just one week everything has gotten so much greener. We noticed that the kudzu has started spreading in earnest. Just a month ago we could sit outside the cabin and see the stars. Now there is a canopy of green that almost obscures the sky. As we sat outside, we could hear an animal moving through the woods not far from the cabin. Six months ago that might have spooked us. Tonight we just listened to the sound of the leaves rustling and a lone bird calling in the distance.
It is definitely good to be back home.

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