Gospel Chip

November 2, 2012

This little chip contains Good News for China.

Though it is smaller than my thumbnail, it can hold four gigabytes of data. When we were in China, one of the pastors we met showed us how he uses the chip to play the Keep Believing China broadcast on his cellphone. He didn’t even have a smartphone, just a phone with a tiny screen that you scroll through to find what you want. 

Each little chip contains all 28 audio files of An Anchor for the Soul in Mandarin plus a Bible study program plus a Chinese hymnal. When the pastor pressed a button on his phone, it began to play the intro music from our broadcast. 

He uses the KBM sermons to learn how to preach to his own congregation. They gather together to listen to the programs as part of their worship experience. 

In the days to come, we plan to add much more information to those little microchips. We’ll have even more sermons and broadcasts and other Bible study material in Mandarin. The chips are not copy-protected so the pastors can freely duplicate them and pass the material along to others.

There is one other advantage to the microchip. If the police suddenly appear, you can take the chip out of the phone and hide it easily. 

One final note. We met the man who distributes these “gospel chips.” So far he has given out 309 of them, one at a time, to trusted pastors and church leaders. He told us he flies and then he rides the bus and then he sometimes goes far out into the countryside to meet with house church pastors. 

For security reasons, I can’t show you his picture, but you would never pick him out of a crowd. He’s the perfect man for the job. 

Your gifts make it possible for us to get the Good News to the church in China, one pastor at a time, one chip at a time. 

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