Good Words for Today: September 8

Somewhere I ran across this wonderful sentence: God does not recruit heroes. No, he doesn’t. Not many mighty are called, not many noble, not many powerful, not many great as the world counts greatness. God doesn’t go for the big names to populate heaven. He takes ordinary folks and then does extraordinary things through them. But even that isn’t the full story. When God wants to recruit some front line soldiers for his army, he goes into the enemy camp and rounds up a handful of the orneriest, meanest, toughest, roughest, wildest looking sinners he can find. Then he draws them to Christ, saves them, justifies them, converts them, sanctifies them, cleans them up, fixes them up, dresses them up, and then he sends them out to do battle in the service of the King of Kings. That’s the point Paul makes in Romans 5:6-9 when he says that we were “powerless,” “ungodly,” “sinners,” and even “God’s enemies.” But even so, Christ died for us that he might reconcile us to God. Thus does God turn his enemies into his friends.

September 8, 2016

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