Good Words for Today: October 18

I know a whole handful of miserable, grumpy Christians, and I think I know what is wrong with most of them. They have decided that they’re going to keep the body of Christ at arms length and they’re not really going to get involved. They are not going to join the church. They are not going to really get involved and they are going to sit on the fence and watch as things go by. They’re going to stick their toe in and pull it out and stick their toe in and pull it out and that’s all they’re going to do. Generally speaking they are the most miserable, grumpy people in the world because joy comes when we make the commitment to walk together. It comes when we jump off the diving board into the deep end of Christian togetherness. When we really begin to love each other and live together and work together and pray together and walk together and serve together—then joy comes. God set it up that way. When we make that commitment to the body of Christ, joy comes. Something happens together that could never happen when we’re apart.

October 18, 2015

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