Good Words for Today: August 19

Christians pray in Jesus’ name. Here’s a useful experiment that will bring the point home. Sometime this week, during your private prayer time, offer all your requests to God in your own name. That is, pour out your heart for yourself, your loved ones, for your church, your friends, the missionaries you know, and for the hurting people of the world. Then end it like this: “Father, today I offer this prayer in my own name. I do this because my name is a great name and I have the power and authority to do the things I ask. Amen.” Try praying like that just once and see what happens. If you are a Christian, that thumping sound you hear will be your prayers bouncing off the ceiling and back onto your head. Christians pray in Jesus’ name because there is no power in any other name to answer our prayers.

August 19, 2015

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