Good Words for Today: August 14

Sometimes Christians worry about whether their faith is strong enough to take them to heaven. They get scared and say, “I’m hanging on to Jesus. But what if I lose my grip?” That can happen. If your salvation depends upon your hanging onto Jesus, you could be in trouble.
It’s like a little child who is hanging onto his father’s finger. The child is doing well until he begins to slip. As he falls, the child accidentally lets go of the father’s finger. But when the father reaches down, he doesn’t grab a finger. He grabs a hand. When the father grabs hold of the child’s hand, it’s not the child hanging onto the father. It’s the father hanging onto the child.
You are not going to heaven because you are holding on to Jesus. You’re going to go to heaven because Jesus is holding on to you.

August 14, 2016

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