“God Will Grab Them Forever”

January 27, 2006

10:24 AM Here’s a testimony to the power of the gospel:

12 years ago I was a Communist and had no clue what God is all about. I was very good if not perfect in China. There is no concept of sin in Chinese culture. But I was not happy in China. 12 years later I am a sinner in America but I am all happy. My soul finally found a place in God. I like the Chinese translation of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is the Old Appointment in Chinese and the New Testament is the New Appointment. So the Bible is God’s appointment with us. It seems long long ago God made an appointment with anyone in the world. Those who choose to go for the appointment will find God and God will grab them forever. And that grab is a blessing.

10:11 AM The answer is Chicago. ’Fuggedaboutit!’
10:11 AM 132 miles.
10:01 AM Stat of the day:

Number of Chinese learning English: 110 million
Number of Americans learning Chinese: 50,000

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