Friday Covid Update

January 8, 2021

Last Monday Marlene and I tested positive for Covid-19. Since then we’ve been in quarantine at home trying to rest as much as possible. We’ve had the usual symptoms: muscle ache, extreme weakness, lack of stamina, occasional fever, and some stomach discomfort. We’ve been taking Vitamins C and D plus Zinc. We’ve also been on a Z-Pak plus we’re taking melatonin and baby aspirin. All of that is simply to treat the symptoms until the virus runs its course.

I planned to start our online course on Revelation last Tuesday, but we postponed it for at least a week. I’m not sure if we’ll start next Tuesday or whether we’ll wait a few more days.

Overall, we’re getting better but it’s a slow process.  We’ll update you again on how we’re doing in a few days.

Thank you for your prayers and your many wonderful messages. We love you!

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