Foreign Language Translations Now Available

May 27, 2010

We have just added a new section of foreign language translations to our website. Derek Taylor, our KBM webmaster, has been working to add all the foreign language translations of my books that we can find. We started on this project by going through a box in my closet filled with translations sent to me by different publishers over the last 15 years. 

Then I scanned some of the covers and sent them to Derek who also searched the Internet and found several books that we had no idea had been translated and published.

He grouped them by languages at the right-hand side of the Books page. We have seven different languages listed:


Here’s something about the publishing business you might not know. As an author, I give the various American publishers the right to negotiate with publishers who work in other languages. I generally don’t know in advance when once of my books is being translated and published in, say, Dutch or German. I knew that several of my books had been translated into Korean but had no idea that nine of my books were available in that language. 

I do have one book in German and three in Indonesian but evidently these are not available from any Internet supplier.

We don’t keep any of these foreign language books in stock. They are available only through these Internet sources.

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