Five Excellent Bible Study Websites

June 12, 2010

The Internet offers a vast array of websites for those wanting to study the Bible. You can find everything from devotional studies to outlines to sermons to Greek and Hebrew exegesis. Thousands of public domain Bible commentaries are now available. These days I do most of my Bible study online. Years ago I would stack my desk with 20-30 books while preparing my sermons. Today I can find most of what I need online no matter what Bible passage I am studying.

Here are five Bible study websites I use all the time and highly recommend:

1. Online Translations of the Bible

There was a time when you had to go to the bookstore to get a new translation. Not any more. Virtually every translation is now available online for free. No website I’ve found offers more translations than this one. Besides the usual ones, here you can find links to J. B. Phillips, Clarence Jordan, and Jewish translations of the Old Testament.

2. Precept Austin

An encyclopedic gathering of links to Bible studies covering every passage in the Bible. Preaching on Mark? Start here. Zechariah? Start here. Lamentations? Start here. It’s all free. Whoever maintains this site is providing a great gift to students of the Bible.

3. Biblical Studies Foundation

Vast collection of Bible expositions covering every book of the Bible plus a huge section of answers to questions about the Bible and theology. Also home to the amazing NET Bible.

4. Tom Constable’s Notes

These free notes amount to a complete commentary on the Bible. And because Dr. Constable constantly updates them, the notes just keep getting better and better.

5. Bible Outlines

Paul Apple has a gift for creating usable teaching outlines that help you organize passages of the Bible for teaching and preaching. You probably won’t use these outlines verbatim, but they will definitely prime the pump as you develop your own messages.


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