Finding Hope in China After the Pandemic

March 30, 2020

Our KBM China team has been working hard at finding ways to encourage our brothers and sisters in China. Life has been turned upside down for millions of people in China because of COVID-19. Many people are looking for hope.

Recently the team told me they are working on a new series of short questions and answers geared to the present crisis. Here’s a list of some of their topics:

Walking Through the Valley of the Virus

How Can I Overcome My Fear of Death?

What Happens When We Die?

The Resurrection Body–Is It True?

How Can I Be Reconciled with God?

These short FAQs will be posted on discussion boards on Chinese websites. You can also see the FAQs (in English and in Mandarin) on the KBM China webpage.

Please join me in praying that multitudes of men and women in China will read these short pieces and turn to Jesus as Lord and Savior.

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