Feed Yourself and Come to Church

post date: May 31, 2009

During Sunday School today our teacher made a telling comment about people who complain they aren’t “being fed” when they come to church. Probably there is no complaint more frequently heard from unhappy churchgoers.

“I’m just not being fed.”

That usually means they don’t like the sermons they’re hearing. They aren’t deep enough or they are too long or too boring or too light or not enough of this or too much of that. The truth is, great preachers are in short supply everywhere. 

So what should people do who aren’t being fed? Going to a different church often isn’t an option. That’s where the advice of our teacher comes into play.

“Feed yourself and come to church." 

Read the Bible for yourself. Get into the Word and let the Word get into you. If the Bible is truly food for the soul, you don’t have to depend on the pastor for all your spiritual growth. Today there are good books, Bible commentaries, study Bibles, podcasts, CDs, and there are Bible study groups and programs and courses galore. 

To be clear about it, the church grows strong when the preaching is strong. But where the preaching is not all that you desire, you can still grow spiritually but you’ll have to work at it before you come to church.

This should not be taken as an excuse for poor preaching. It’s just a reminder that the church is more than the pastor, and we can all grow spiritually if we truly want to.  


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