What Do You Think About the NET Bible?

November 25, 2009

Produced mainly by scholars associated with Dallas Seminary, the NET Bible has a number of unique features. For one thing, it’s a free, online version of the Bible. You can’t buy it (as far as I know) in a bookstore. It’s meant to be the first online Bible version. Second, the translation is notable for its more than 57,000 notes. That’s far more than most Bibles. Third, the notes deal almost entirely (though not exclusively) with translation issues. The NET Bible gives you a glimpse into the translation decisions by telling how certain phrases are translated and the various options that were considered. Fourth, the translation is updated on a regular basis and new notes are added as necessary. Thus it remains a work in progress.

While I doubt that the NET Bible will ever become a standard translation used in the churches, it is an extremely helpful resource for pastors and others who want to understand the text and why it is translated in a certain way.

Go to NET Bible to check it out.

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