Fasting and “Giving Up” Something for Lent

February 26, 2009

I find myself in agreement with the “Internet Monk” when he writes about fasting from a New Covenant perspective. Since Lent is not a biblical command, we ought to regard it as a voluntary exercise that we undertake in concert with Christians everywhere as a way of preparing our hearts for Holy Week. Traditionally Lent involves times of introspection, confession and repentance. Fasting serves a good purpose if it helps us focus on the Lord. And “giving up” anything in our lives that may be a distraction can be a kind of “fasting.” I ran across someone who is “giving up” Facebook for Lent. Actually I can understand that because anything good can become addictive. So as long as we are “giving up” something with the goal of focusing our hearts on the Lord, I think it can be quite beneficial.

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