Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

April 18, 2008

expel-300x250_NowPlaying Ben Stein’s new movie called Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed opens today in theaters across America. Because the movie dares to challenges the prevailing Darwinian orthodoxy that has a stranglehold on American education, it has already generated a great deal of discussion in the blogosphere. Predictably, the major newspapers and liberal critics don’t like it, which to me is a good reason to go and check it out for yourself. You don’t have to agree with everything you see in the movie. I don’t doubt its major premise–that scientists and academics who question (or even appear to question) evolutionary tenets risk losing their jobs and their chance at career advancement. That’s not exactly big news, given how completely the evolutionary mindset has captured the elites in our society. In the latter half of the movie (which I have not seen) Ben Stein demonstrates the necessary connection between a purely secular worldview and many of the social evils of our day. This will no doubt infuriate many of the critics but so be it. Ideas have consequences.

Ray Bohlin of Probe Ministries explains why he recommends that you watch Expelled.
Answers in Genesis offers this favorable review.

If you would like to see how the mainstream media responds to the movie, just go to Google News and type in Expelled and Ben Stein. You can see for yourself how the media marches in lockstep with the evolutionary mindset. They hate the movie. No surprise there. If the media hates it this much, that more or less makes Ben Stein’s point.

I haven’t seen the movie yet so I can’t comment directly on it. But I am of the persuasion that evolution as a worldview is fundamentally incompatible with the Christian faith. Oddly enough, the secularists understand this better than Christians who seem all too willing to compromise their understanding of the Bible in order to make peace with people who reject everything we believe .

As for Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, go see it and make up your own mind.

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