Dodo Time

November 11, 2007

Twice in our detailed schedule for the weekend, the words “Dodo Time” appear. I had no idea what it meant until Sarah told us that it is an endearing expression that parents use when it is time for their children to go to bed. It is a happy thought, not just going to bed but slipping between the sheets with a smile on your face, the way children sometimes do at the end of a fun day. Even so, it is Dodo Time for us in Montreal. After nearly two months on the road, and after a very full weekend at Missions en Fete, and after preaching this morning in one of the best church services we’ve attended in years, and after lunch with Pastor Rene Frey and his wife Sharon and their son and daughter-in-law and their grandchildren, and after an hour-and-a-half question and answer session, and after saying goodbye to Mike Roberts and Bob and Vivian Sturgeon and to the rest of the crew at the conference, and after a delightful dinner with Pierre and his daughter Sarah, after finally getting back to the hotel 12 hours after we left this morning, after all of that and all that came before it since September 8 when we started on this journey, and after so much that has happened along the way, it’s finally Dodo Time.

Our only regret about coming to Montreal is that we didn’t have any time to explore the city, its history and the amazing cultural diversity here. Maybe next time. Meanwhile it’s Dodo Time for us.

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